Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Corn Love

I asked one of my former writing professors, Michael Martone, for a challenge.  He's always reminded me a little of David Lynch in that he's Midwestern, he's often cryptic, and he's obsessed with corn.  And he's someone I've learned a lot from!  He was an encouraging teacher who championed my zaniness in class, and I'll always appreciate that.

And he has his own Wikipedia page:

At any rate, his challenge for me was "the sex life of corn."  It was a puzzler, and props to Alana Baldwin (featured in a previous post) who helped me edit this poem by cutting it in half, putting the beginning at the end, and cutting out a stanza that featured the phrase "inert within its husk."

So here we go:

Corn Love

As its husk loosens, Corn enjoys
glossy magazine pics of barbecues...

...sauce delirious, pepper shimmering.
And on the side of the grill, Corn himself.

Aluminum tuxedo. Butter that smooths pocked skin.

How fine it is to look at other versions of ourselves.

To get ideas.

Corn wants Corn, but Corn
wants to be dressed.

It takes a lover, Midwestern at heart,
a farmer, a fieldfly,
a strong rabbit to undress it.

Midwesterners think blood, like taco soup,
is full of red-coated Corn.

Corn thinks Midwesterners are sweet,
but too sweet.

Michael's review:


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